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DHL (German Post)

Standard deliveries of packages up to 31,5 kg weight and max. 2 m length, are sent within Germany by DHL. The delivery can be made on every workday (Mondays to Saturdays). If the deliverer does not meet you, he will put a notification in your letter box which states by which DHL-branch your package can be collected. In practice DHL is equivalent with the post. Especially in rural areas packages will be delivered by your postman.

If you have a post-office or postal branch in town, then the package will be stored at the nearest branch for up to 7 days where it can be collected. Charge forward deliveries can also be cashed at these locations.

Attention: All COD packages will be charged additional € 2,- by DHL/Post! 

In many cities so called “packing stations” from DHL are available. Packing stations are machines which allow you to collect your package at any time of the day or night. To do so the address of the packing station must be stated on order. Every packing station has a number (e.g. 104). Therefore you can place an order through your home address and state the packing station as the delivery address. More information can be found online at (Menu item: DHL Packstation). Here you can find a national directory of all packing stations and there corresponding numbers.

UPS (United Parcel Service)

For all deliveries inside the EU UPS is our standard forwarder. UPS has a distinguished tracking system. Deliveries within the EU are carried out within a few days.

Express ...and more

Our delivery hotline ( or phone: +49(0)5451-909108) is happy to help when it comes to express deliveries or special requests. A DHL express-package inside Germany costs 15,- to 30,- € depending on weight which is an inexpensive possibility to be able to receive your order the next day. We will be happy to provide advice. However, it is a precondition that the article is on stock and has package size.